Watercolor Monster (1991)
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John Voorhees



 1. Watercolor Monster
 2. Parable
 3. Bitter By And By
 4. Since Jimmy's Gone
 5. The Best War
 6. Misfits Of The World
 7. Owned
 8. Think That Thought
 9. Talking Soviet History Blues
10. Prophet And The Clown
11. Necrophilia
12. Traveling Back Home
13. Second Thought

John sez:
From deep, deep in the archives. Roughly half of this collection was recorded in a studio in Orlando. This collection was slapped together on a Fostex 4-track multitrack cassette recorder. What it lacks in sophistication in makes up for with enthusiasm ... and some darn good songs. Besides, isn't lo-fi supposed to be all the rage nowadays?


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